I have been with your company many years. Rex and his team are great. It makes running a small business much easier. I was afraid you guys were going to get too big for me but it never happened.  Thanks!

Tim AltmanPresident, Midwest Commodities, Inc.

BJ and the team have also worked collaboratively with our accountant, staff, and Board to present the financials in the most easily digestible way possible. I sit on several Boards and have worked directly and indirectly with other audit firms, but the experience with Donovan has been by far the best. I recommend them without reservation.

Renew Indianapolis
Steven MeyerExecutive Director, Renew Indianapolis

Renew Indianapolis has used Donovan CPAs for the last several years to audit both our parent corporation and our subsidiary lending institutions. We receive approximately $2 million in federal grants per year from about a dozen different programs. The Donovan team has taken the time to learn the intricacies of our businesses, our funding sources, and the uniqueness of some of our financial transactions. They are also incredibly responsive to questions we have throughout the year, making the audit process go even more smoothly.

Renew Indianapolis
Steven MeyerExecutive Director, Renew Indianapolis

I did hear something this week that I wanted to share and I will try to get more context for you but I did hear a statement from our deputy general counsel who primarily deals with legislative matters, to the effect that Donovan is being held out as the “gold standard” in charter schools audits. She has been involved in a lot of discussions regarding why the IVS issue wasn’t caught sooner, proposed legislative changes regarding virtual charter schools, communications with IDOE etc, where there has been a call for SBOA to take these back in as a solution to the virtual school issue. Anyway, the gold standard is always nice to be considered.

State Board of Accounts
Jennifer MarshallDirector of Procured Audits, Indiana State Board of Accounts

You & Donovan as a whole are showing AMACO made the right choice. I’ve already shared that with the owners. They are very accustomed to being told why they can’t do something. I’m confident they will find it refreshing to see that some CPA Firms have the ability to listen & talk through options. I knew it existed for mid-market companies… but only if with mid-market firms who understand those companies. You’re proving that now. Much Thanks!

American Art Clay Company
Chris StumpCFO, American Art Clay Company

Just a quick note to share feedback that Trinity has been a huge help the past 2 weeks. His follow-up and timely replies are greatly appreciated and another example of why switching to Donovan was the right choice for our company! He also prevented our company from being late with payment to Wisconsin… $107 but I never want to provide any taxing authority a reason to include a “little red flag” next to our company’s tax-id in their system regardless of the minor $’s associated with penalty and fees. Again, his efforts have been a huge help during an extremely hectic 2 weeks.

American Art Clay Company
Chris StumpCFO, American Art Clay Company

As someone who works with a lot of audit firms through the year, I will tell you that I do really appreciate the responsiveness, timeliness, thoroughness and care you and your team have always shown. It’s not often that I see it, especially for a smaller org like ours. So thank you 🙂

Enroll Indy
Becky BowmanOutsourced Controller, Enroll Indy

I absolutely love them! They are incredibly supportive and truly feel like a partner who wants what is best for our school. They are also very personable and responsive to all of our needs and questions- throughout the audit process but even throughout the year. BJ Lippert is the MAN and if you can work with him I would highly recommend it.

Steel City Academy
Katie KirleyExecutive Director, Steel City Academy

Hope Healthcare Services has worked with Donovan CPAs for many years—in tax filings and the production of financial statements.  Their expertise and work quality is great,  but the relationship goes beyond that of vendor-client. Donovan has been a trusted partner with Hope Healthcare through these years, often going the extra mile on our behalf.   I can happily recommend them.

John MollaunExecutive Director, Hope Healthcare Services

Thanks for all your help in getting us through this estate! We have enjoyed working with you.

Rick Russell