John Martin is the Managing Partner of JD Martin Healthcare Advisors. With over thirty years of experience in healthcare, he has worked in large medical practices, specialty hospitals, and health systems. John graduated with an accounting degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 1988. His career has included roles as Director of Business Development, Administrator, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

3 keys to effective leadership

Three Keys to Effective Leadership

Importance of Leadership With over thirty years of experience in management and leadership, I have learned that there are at least three keys to effective leadership.  To be successful, you must be committed to all three.  It is the responsibility of the executive leader to ensure that all three elements are solid.  The three keys…

leadership compass

What Makes an Effective Leader?

I rarely get asked what makes an effective leader. By contrast, I often get asked what makes a great leader. Everything we read talks about being great. One of the best lessons I learned early in my career is that in many cases being effective leader is far more important than being great. The problem…