I have been with your company many years. Rex and his team are great. It makes running a small business much easier. I was afraid you guys were going to get too big for me but it never happened.  Thanks!

Tim AltmanPresident, Midwest Commodities, Inc.

It has been my distinct privilege to have Jeff Donovan and the Donovan, P.C. family as both my personal, as well as corporate, tax accountants and advisors since 2003.  We have benefited greatly from their keen insight and astute eye for critical tax issues that have resulted in Servant HR being a stable and prosperous organization.  I am blessed to have advisors that possess the same life priorities and convictions that I have for both my business and personal life.  The Donovan team played an especially critical role in our early years in helping us navigate a growing tax burden with limited resources.  Now, this valued partnership has grown into a essential vendor partnership in which I judge all of my other vendor partnerships by.

Jeff LeffewFounder & President, Servant HR

I want to take just a moment and say THANKS to Jeff Donovan and his team at Donovan for what a great job they have done on all of the accounting and tax work for my company. They have taken something that was frankly a mess and very intimidating for me and made it simple and streamlined, giving me confidence that it is all correct.  Even more than that – we have become friends, and I value that more than anything! Thanks Jeff, for a great job and a great team!

Brian McCallOwner, Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers

I appreciate and value the professional relationship with Donovan.  I have been a client since 2007.  Jeff is a skilled professional who not only provides high quality work product, but is also highly attentive to the needs and demands of my business.  The fee structure and scope of services have always been tailored to the needs of my business.  The staff at Donovan are professional and courteous and attentive to the needs of the clients.  Donovan is a valued partner in my business and have been from the day we opened up.

G. Jayson MarksberryMarksberry Law Office