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Checklist for Closing Books

Monthly financial statements are key supports of an organization’s financial stability. They help those in charge of governance make decisions based on their financial position, which means they need to be both accurate and timely. The key to generating financial statements is being able to close the books each month easily and accurately.

New Tax Burden, New Tax Break

New Tax Imposed on Nonprofits Prior to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, certain for-profit employers were allowed a tax deduction for the costs related to qualified transportation and parking benefits provided to their employees. However, this deduction was eliminated by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. As a result, nonprofits that provide transportation and…

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An Incremental Connection

When David and Latesha met some of our new clients, their first impressions were distant and nervous. But after only a few days together, cold, professional handshakes melted into warm embraces. Latesha shares her experience of making friends with near-strangers in this Tale from the Trail.